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Source differently. Create differently. Produce differently.

We are an alternative creative agency with over 22 years of fabric and garment expertise. We work hand in hand with our premium and luxury brand clients to co-create tomorrow's sustainable fashion collections.

Source differently.

LIZYBIZ does appointments like no other.

Whether you are looking to get inspired for a new collection, or have a precise vision to bring to life, our promise is the same :

A unique and personalized showroom experience : 

  • 50 000 exclusive prints and archives that speak to you

  • Garments with new generation fabrics that reaffirm your brand identity

  • Printing and craftsmanship techniques you have never seen before

  • CSR and traceability support based on your needs


You come to us, or we come to you. 

Create differently.

At LIZYBIZ, our clients have the freedom to test and explore, and after 22 years of brand service, we know this means different things to different brands.


  • Specific print proposals or modifications

  • On demand weaving requests

  • Printing technique analysis

  • Model proposals and recommendations

  • First prototypes (pattern making, 3D patterns)

You start the engine and we take the wheel when you need it.

Produce differently.

Delivered wherever you want at an ethical price.

The most creative product,

the most precise,

the most sustainable is produced by

our certified manufacturers.


We take care


Lizybiz is committed to sustainable development. We work with a variety of certifications and labels, as well as eco-responsible for industrial processes.

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