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Our story & values 

Lizybiz was created in 2001 with the desire to shine a light on technical excellence, create new and exciting designs and techniques and provide an exclusive, personalized fabric experience to premium brands. 


Since then we have worked with dozens of recognized brands and accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the industry and fabrics.

It is always an exciting moment for us when we meet a brand for the first time in our Parisian showroom, because it is the start of a new, collaborative adventure.


We know that no two brands have the same creative vision, or the same needs, which means that the support and services we provide  are personalized and adapted to fit you. 

Our team is made up of a wide range of talented people, passionate about their respective fields.. We define ourselves by our technical know-how and creative sensitivity, the twin driving forces behind our activity.


We believe in pushing further into the future, constantly creating new prints, new fabrics, and building a more sustainable future.

Wish to discuss your creative project? 

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