Until recently, ecological fashion has been perceived as restrictive and moralizing.

It was the creed of small artisanal brands and that the cry for “organic cotton” wasn’t no longer enough.

Over time, each link of the textile industry has progressed and China has organized a shutdown plan for the most polluting factories.

States, ONG, and industries have become mobilized to improve ways of producing textiles, certifying products and processes for a cleaner fashion.

The textile world is in full revolution, and industrial solutions exist.
It’s therefore necessary to wade through the jungle of industrial standards and labels!

Lizybiz has done so, in order to offer you eco-friendly materials and industrial processes, respecting workers and the environment.

Lizybiz is above all a stylistic platform at the service of brands: we sort through the sea of labels to bring you concrete answers compatible with the beauty and refinement requirements of Fashion.

Lizybiz goes even further by developing value-added projects: from upcycling initiatives
in partnership with a cooperative of weavers of the Middle Atlas, to showcasing the craft and know-how of refugee artisans.

Lizybiz has thus embarked on a CSR initiative; an approach we hope to develop and enrich through your own commitment to eco-friendly collections.

Let’s build together a more responsible fashion world.